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Ivy Stone Interiors was founded in 2021 by Kristy Krewson and Meredith Costello.

At Ivy Stone, we love to create interiors that are tailored to our clients' style and taste as well as their lifestyle. We love designing any style of home, ranging from traditional to modern, all while layering textures and livable comfort. We offer Local Design Services, Remote Design Services as well as E-Design Consultation for smaller scale jobs.  

Designing homes is our passion, and we cannot wait to help you with yours.


Kristy Krewson is the co-owner and designer of Ivy Stone Interiors. With a degree in Interior Design from High Point University, she is a qualified and talented designer who is passionate about bringing her clients' dream homes to life. Kristy has the unique ability to view a space and know exactly what will make your specific home shine. By blending design styles to fit your needs, your inspiration can finally become your reality.



Meredith Costello is the co-owner and business manager of Ivy Stone Interiors. Meredith has a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Oklahoma. While Meredith has always been passionate for design and all things home décor, where she truly shines is behind the scenes. Meredith is committed to organization, great communication and building great vendor and client relationships. This commitment ensures that the process is simple, fun and exciting for everyone.

We can turn your inspiration into reality. If you would like to hear more about our services and design process, you can find the link to complete our inquire form below.
We would love to chat!

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